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Acknowledging Our Mentors

I recently began reading the Acknowledgements sections at the end of novels. I used to finish a book, close it upon completing the final chapter, and file it away on the bookshelf. Perhaps I am arriving late in the game of reading Acknowledgements; perhaps most of you have always read acknowledgments and are wondering why it took me so long to get there (no worries, feel free to judge). Regardless, I'm glad I finally took the time to do so. So many people help with the creation of a book, whether fiction, nonfiction, or textbooks. And I find myself inspired by the tributes authors compose to the unseen eyes and unheard voices who helped these authors generate their work. I have even found myself crying on occasion because of how much love and tenderness writers extend to their editors, friends, partners, children, and even pets. Sometimes authors acknowledge one or two people, and other times the lists are exhaustive. It's powerful stuff. In the absence of writing a book or win