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The news media is on fire these days regarding legislation in Mississippi and North Carolina--legislation that makes provisions for discrimination based on one's sexual orientation or gender identity. The governors of both states have signed off on this legislation ( HB1523  in Mississippi;  HB 2  in North Carolina), and the nation has responded, both within and outside these states—from   boycotts   to   college campus protests . Prior to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signing HB 2 into law, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts sent him the following text directly:  Please do not sign this awful bill...Poorly conceived and written.   There is no provision for any enforcement for race, religion, etc. It will be legal for restaurants to hang a sign saying 'no gays allowed' out front. Is this the N.C. we want? McCrory ignored this text. His decision to convene the North Carolina legislature and sign HB 2 into law this March came as a response to a local ord